In marketing, lead generationis the method of finding or knowing if costumers or consumer has interest or enquiry into services or products of a business you are offering. Leads can be created to look for purposes such as e-newsletter list acquisition, list building or for sales leads. The methods for generating or finding leads is typically fall under the category of advertising because sometimes you have to advertise the product or get the product known in the market for you to gather possible lead, but may also include non-paid sources such as organic search engine results or referrals from existing customers. In a simpler word, lead generation is the process of finding and to identify possible or potential client for your company or your busines. 

 Today, when you have a company that produces a product or a service, you will have a team who will look for your potential client or customer. They will find a lot of leads that will suits for your targeted market. When we talk of lead generation, it is really a broad topic to talk. Today, there a lot of new strategies, platforms, tools, and technique that comes up.  

What is lead? In marketing and sales, lead is defined as customers who show interest in the product you offer or the services that you offer, potential lead will share their information such as contact number or email to expressed their interest in your company or your product. 

Why lead generation is important? Lead generation is important for the company’s sales and marketing team to obtain more sales and to maintain a good company gain. 

How do you qualify your leads? Well there are different types of leads and it differs on what lifecycle phase they are in. 

  1. Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) 
    These type of leads are typically in the marketing team which has shown interest in the product through inbound channels, fill out landing forms, but they haven’t interacted with the sales team yet since they are shown interest, but the information are incomplete or aren’t ready for a sales call. 
  1. Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) 
    These types of leads are already been contacted with the sales team and expresses their interest on the product or the company’s service. They usually initiate first to your sales team to ask more questions about the product or the services, it might be in the fill out forms. They have been with marketing team and sales team and evaluated as Sales Qualified Leads and they are ready for next stage or next process and direct sales will be pushed through. 

Today, social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and twitter are being used to gather or to have online lead generation. Many companies now actively use social media for getting leads as people now a days are using this platform frequently. Email Marketing is also being used to contact and communicate possible leads by sending them messages on their inboxes, they usually used email marketing tool for email campaigns. Online advertising also is being used to gather more leads today, before tv advertisement and radio advertisement are widely used. As the days passed by new technique and technology are used, adopting change is good for the business, if you need more leads in your business, lead generation Los Angeles are always there to help you and your company! Contact them now!